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Meet The Team

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Jack Ding


Dr. Jack Ding has 23 years of experience designing high performance distributed software solutions including Nasdaq market real time surveillance system and webMethods B2B integration middleware, and SOA security architecture for the World Bank. He has a Ph.D. from Dartmouth College.


Eddie Thomas


Before joining Domino, Mr. Thomas served as Chief Blockchain Officer of Favor Exchange and CTO of Saigan Technologies. He has over 7 years of experience designing and developing blockchain solutions and over 20 years of experience in enterprise software development. 

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Matthew Czarnek

Chief Architect

Senior software developer with 20 years of work experience and entrepreneurship. Creator of a Proof of Person Blockchain Solution, and his own proprietary programming language, Flogram, which he created to accelerate and simplify the coding process for blockchain protocols.

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Felix Josh Wang


A seasoned software engineer who loves building web (React / Node) & mobile (React-Native / Swift / Kotlin) applications. With 10 years of professional work experience. He has an engineering background with a Bachelor of Computer Programming from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

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Adam Achebe


Adam is a full stack developer with years of experience building production-ready applications. He is driven to promote decentralized finance as a realistic alternative to traditional financial services. Adam has recently earned praise for his innovative approach to designing a NFT appraisal system.


Nino Rey Medina


Nino is a seasoned full-stack web/mobile developer with over 10 years of work experience. Specialized with React, JavaScript and Python programming langauges.

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Jhanina Santiago


Jhanina was a senior analyst of cyber defence and remediation at Capital One. She graduated with a BS degree in Computer Studies from University of Maryland.

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Travis L Orback


Travis has a plethora of skillsets as both a front end full-stack Web Developer, Ethereum Solidity developer, and successful career in Entrepreneurship.


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Daniel Goldman


Daniel has co-founded several successful multimillion-dollar digital companies over the past several years ranging in everything from media to ad tech to digital advertising. Prior to that – he was a Vice President for a 40 billion company. Daniel recently co-founded Unbanked which provides a set of crypto banking services including crypto debit card, fiat onramp, and crypto integrated checking account. Unbanked created a ultra speed blockchain for enterprise use that can achieve 1 million TPS.

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Lance Cottrell


Board member of the North Bay Angels (NBA) which is the oldest and largest angel investment group north of the Golden Gate in San Francisco. Chief Scientist for Ntrepid Corporation. Founder and President of Anonymizer Inc., the world's first commercial internet privacy company

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Shelley Xu


Ms Xu is a recognized expert of blockchain and big data. She is currently Chief Operating Officer of LightCash and Vice President of International Applied Technology Research Institute. Ms Xu worked at the World Bank for 31 years and is an internationally recognized financial technology expert.

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