Domini Chain

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A Blockchain with Impressive Scalability

Accepting a tradeoff between decentralization and speed has culminated in DOMI a cryptocurrency that can outpace even VISA and Mastercard. Built by the mastermind behind the SEC's stock market tracking system, blank.


A Certificate of Deposit like No Other

Like a traditional CD, we can ensure predictable gains over time with our unique staking protocol. Getting access to our staking protocol will allow you to buy DOMI while it's an ERC20 placeholder for the real DOMI currency which is still under development. By providing liquidity as well by bridging your DOMI tokens to either ETH or BSC into a SMP.  


Strong Future Potential

The current staking protocol is built on a token bridge that will be replaced by the real DOMI chain token when its fully developed. Currently the project takes a small 5% fee from onboarding new users to pay for the projects marketing and development.


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