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High Performance Blockchain for SocialFi

Domi is building the Fastest blockchain in the SocialFi with 100,000 TPS.

First AI-Secured High Performance Blockchain

Domi is building the Fastest blockchain in the SocialFi with 100,000 TPS. 



The fastest fully decentralized layer one solution ever built


Cryptographically ordering transactions in synchronization with multiple nodes allows for exceptionally fast, assured transaction speed


Regulated by the SEC and fully compliant.

Built for social dapps

Domi will become a socialfi infrastructure capable of supporting a large number of socialfi applications.

It's all in the numbers


Block time in seconds


Transactions / Sec


Final validation time in


How it works

First AI-Secured Blockchain

Domi is a public, permissionless blockchain with high throughput and high security for decentralized finance (DeFi), decentralized App (Dapp) and Web3 Apps. It is the first AI-secured blockchain in the industry. This innovative use of AI makes Domi very stable and prevents many attacks such as DDOS. Domi is as fast as Solana, Sui and Aptos. Domi’s security is comparable to the Bitcoin network, because its blockchain state is written into Bitcoin blocks periodically.


Domi is based on several patent-pending technologies:

1. Domi combines Fast Byzantine Agreement with Solana’s Proof of History to achieve massive scalability without sacrificing decentralization;

2. Domi uses Artificial Intelligence in AI nodes to enhance security and stability;

3. Domi saves snapshot of assets and states on Bitcoin blocks;

4. Domi developed a high performance WebAssembly (WASM) virtual machine for high speed execution of smart contracts;

5. Domi will build a fully integrated decentralized, censorship-resistant storage for NFT and blockchain data;

6. Domi will integrate with an advanced satellite system to allow reliable, fast, and secure financial transactions on a global scale.

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Our objective at Domi is to create the world’s fastest, most secure decentralized network that can be implemented in both public and private sectors.

Mark Luther

Ascian Global - Founder



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