A faster, more environmentally friendly blockchain, has arrived

Domi is tailor made for institutional adoption providing the world’s fastest layer one blockchain solution, with distinct security features and enhanced consensus mechanism.



The fastest fully decentralized layer one solution ever built


Cryptographically ordering transactions in synchronization with multiple nodes allows for exceptionally fast, assured transaction speed

Environmentally Friendly

Not all blockchains are created equal. Domi project aims for environmental sustainability and reduction of carbon footprint.

Built for Institutions & Startups

Domi is capable of supporting high volume use cases, enterprise solutions and institutional adoption.

It's all in the numbers


Block time in seconds


Transactions / Sec


Final validation time in



Scalability without reliance on layer 2 solutions

Domi introduces a unique cryptographic hash algorithm that timestamps
transactions prior to validation, called Proof of Time (PoT). This enhancement along
with the Fast Byzantine Agreement (FBA) in the consensus process allows for
exponentially faster block validation time.
To further enhance security while maintaining unlimited participation and
decentralization, we introduce a new decentralized firewall. This hybrid validation
model is composed of core nodes and surveillance nodes. The core nodes are solely
responsible for block production and validation. Surveillance nodes are only
involved with surveillance of the blockchain and endorsement of transactions. By
separating blockchain surveillance from block production/validation we enable
unlimited decentralization, blazing speed, and enhanced security.

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Our objective at Domi is to create the world’s fastest, most secure decentralized network that can be implemented in both public and private sectors.

Mark Luther

Ascian Global - Founder



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